Let’s play name that brand

One of the more stylish and funky cars I’ve seen in awhile. Would you believe it was a Citroen? Yeah, a Citroen. I’m not sure what more evidence the world needs that the Chinese market is the automotive frontier. The car was designed in Shanghai and you can bet it will turn heads when it debuts over there.

From theTruthAboutCars.com:

That’s right, it’s a Citroen. Inspired by the success of German brands in China’s luxury segment (and possibly problems with its taller offerings), this Metropolis Concept was designed in Shanghai as a vision for a French entry in that burgeoning market segment. It also seems more than a little inspired by Jaguar’s stunning new XJ, just as its sister brand’s recent Five By Peugeot Concept seemed to take some cues from Jaguar’s XF. Could Ian Callum be in danger of being wooed away by the French?


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