Bob Dylan in China

Bob Dylan was at the Worker’s Gymnasium in Beijing on April 6th, but there was a ton of controversy relating to his concerts in China. Dylan recently came out with a scathing statement denying that there was any censorship of his songs or lyrics during his performances.


Too many men in China leads to dating issues

China has a host of demographic issues facing the country as the population gets older. However, the largest issue revolves around the fact that there are too many men in China. The one-child policy has led to far fewer females being born. This naturally leads to a host of dating issues in China that will only get worse over the years.

We might see all sorts of interesting developments as this will be country where one out of four men are single, but not by choice. It will be interesting to see if China ends up allowing more foreign brides and the impact that would have on the culture. Also, more Chinese men will end up dating younger women. But then that means even fewer women available for young men who aren’t financially secure enough to compete with the older men.

It sounds like a demographic disaster and it will be interesting to see what happens.


BYD Announces EV Fleet Results at Anniversary of Green-Taxi Project

Chinese automaker BYD just reached an epic milestone for the company. The company’s vehicles have been part of an electric taxi initiative known as the Green-Taxi Project, operating full electric vehicles in Shenzen for an entire year. As of April 29th, the fleet has reached a total of 2.77 million kilometers driven with an estimated fuel savings of $1167 per month, per taxi.

From the press release:

In total, BYD EVs have accumulated over 1.769 million all-electric miles and have seen no diminished range or capacity due to rapid-charging. BYD vehicles are estimated to have already saved $360,000 in fuel costs and over 2.776 million lbs of carbon-dioxide. BYD launched consumer sales of the F3DM in September 2010 and anticipates very good demand for the BYD e6 and all electric vehicles in China, fueled in part by government incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles.

This is big news as China continues to work toward a more balanced national carbon footprint. For more about the BYD initiative, check out the official press release.


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