Thousands protest in Hong Kong against China

People in Hong Kong are getting restless. Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents protested China by marching through the streets to push for greater democracy. People in Hong Kong are angry over Beijing’s claim that it has ultimate authority over the southern Chinese financial center. Let’s see how far China will push back – the entire region is starting to hate the bully.

Is China rethinking its North Korea policy?

This excellent interview from CNN addresses the issue, as some in China are starting to realize that they will never be respected in the world as long as they support this rogue regime.

Interesting patterns of Chinese foreign investment

This article offers some interesting insights on where China is investing in foreign markets, particularly in places like Libya and Iraq.

China and the issue of terrorism

Andrew Sullivan posts some interesting links about future challenges for China in world affairs.

China prods North Korea on nukes

Can the Chinese influence the North Koreans? They have sent a to North Korea to negotiate a solution.

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