2008 Olympics kick off in Beijing

China kicked off the 2008 Olympic games with a .


Who'll stop the rain?

Believe it or not, China has an entire devoted to trying to stop rain for the opening night of the Olympics. Will they succeed?


China wins gymnastics gold

China stunned the US team by in the world championships:

The Chinese women pulled off a stunner Wednesday, getting a second straight great performance from Zhang Nan and Pang Panpan to win their first world gymnastics title and give their country a sweep of the team gold.

The men won Tuesday. Not a bad way to set the stage with 22 months until the Olympics in Beijing.


Olympic countdown to human rights reforms

Amnesty International is to improve human rights leading up to the 2008 Olympics:

With 687 days to go before the start of the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government needs to work quickly if it is to fulfil its promise to the International Olympic Committee to improve human rights ahead of the 2008 Games.

In its latest assessment of the Chinese government’s performance in four benchmark areas of human rights ahead of the Olympics, Amnesty International found that its overall record remained poor. There has been some progress in reforming the death penalty system, but in other crucial areas the government’s human rights record has deteriorated.


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